Upcoming events that are always being added to, and past events to have an idea of some of the awesome events we’ve either run or been a part of! If you’ve got an event that you think we’d be a great part of, or want us to help organize a LEGO-related event, feel free to Contact us!


Amazeatorium: April 13th. Like most years, we plan to be at the Amazeatorium again this year! Additional details can be found at:

Shearwater Hobby Fair: April 13th. Our Nova Scotia members who don’t make it up to Amazeatorium this year will be at the Shearwater Hobby Fair. More details can be found at:

LEGO Expo des Scout du Grand-Digues. Once again we will have some of our members helping out with this event.



LEGO Expo des Scouts du Grand-Digues: March 17th-18th. A couple of our members were in Grande-Digue, New Brunswick to help Les Scouts du Grande-Digue with their LEGO Expo. The Saturday evening, the Royal Astronomy Club was out with their nice big telescopes and there was a community Breakfast the Sunday morning as well.

Amazeatorium: April 7th. We put on a massive display at the Amazeatorium in Harbour Station in Saint John, New Brunswick. This year we had fifty feet of table space to fill, and even that was feeling a little small! Robin Sather, Canada’s only LEGO Certified Professional also attends this event, and it’s always great to see him!

Shearwater Hobby Fair: April 7th. Some of our members put in a display at the Shearwater Hobby fair to support the Shearwater Aviation Museum

Animaritime: June 29th-July 2nd. We had a fan table and ran an informative panel about the wider LEGO fan community. This was an excellent visibility opportunity and we hope to be at more conventions next year!

Truro Model Train Show: October

Saint John Train Show: November 10th

Fredericton Model Train Show: December 3rd. We had a very strong showing at the Fredericton Model Train Show this year, with the most members we’ve had contributing to a single train layout for a year and a half.





Shediac LEGO festival: March 10th-11th. This was our largest layout since Crystal Palace closed, we went with all our layouts together forming one large oval so we could talk to each other more easily than the year before when we were all spread out throughout the room and had to crawl under tables to get inside the train loop.

Amazeatorium: April 1st. This event is a massive kids day with a LEGO theme and Robin Sather, Canada’s only LEGO Certified Professional. Thousands of people attend this event each year.

Shearwater Hobby Fair: April 8th-9th

LEGO Expo des Scouts du Grand-Digues: April 15th-16th. One of our members runs this Scout group and, and a few of our other members typically help out with it.

Truro Model Train Show: October 17th

Brickfête: July 6th-9th. While not a MariLUG event, this was a wider gathering of the LEGO fan community that we had a presence at. This bears some historical importance to us, as it was at this event that it was decided we should change our group’s name.

South Shore In Motion Truck Show: August 11th-13th. A few of our members had a display of LEGO trucks in the model car and truck display.

Fredericton Harvest Party at The Ville: October 29th. We couldn’t decide whether to go with the “Halloween” or “Harvest” theme for this event, so they got a little combined in some of the layouts…

Saint John Model Train Show

Fredericton Model Train Show: December 2nd



Further back than 2017, we’ve had lots of previous events including numerous train shows, hobby fairs, and several LEGO fairs as part of Winter carnivals. The biggest of these events was our annual Crystal Palace LEGO Fair before Crystal Palace closed down, reaching in one year an attendance of 7,500 over the course of the weekend.