2019 Plans

With 2018 coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to 2019 and what we hope to accomplish this year. Since we changed our name back in 2017, we haven’t had a group logo. That should be changing in 2019. Additionally, we hope to make it to more conventions since that seems to be the best way forward to help grow our community. The Facebook Discussion group seems to be where we’ve settled on having most of our interaction outside of social gatherings and shows, so if you’re interested in the group, feel free to join it! That’s also where we post Work In Progress photos of what we’re building, and especially when we’re not sure how to do what we want to it’s great to have other people for ideas. We intend to do more social gatherings than in the past, ideally never going more than a couple months without some of the group getting together in some fashion. Finally, we of course would love to add more shows and are always looking for opportunities there.

As a little teaser for the logo, here’s the brick-built inspiration for it, likely to be tweaked a little more, but this certainly captures a lot of the “Maritimes” flavour:



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