Social Gatherings

As part of our efforts to build the LEGO fan community in the Maritimes, we get together outside of shows as well. For our most recent get-together, one of our newer members had recently re-acquired several totes of their old LEGO (And other things…) that needed sorting, so we got together and started going through it all. We also had a parts swap while we were at it! While we certainly were nowhere near finished, it was interesting to go through several decades of mixed LEGO of various condition, and this helped fuel interest in different pieces for the parts swap.


Dumping out some of a larger tote and beginning to put different things into the appropriate bins:



A couple of our members removing other things that were mixed in to the totes over the years, grabbing specific part types (Tires in this case) and generally looking at unusual elements with interest:IMG_20190209_161945


Minifigs and accessories being sorted out, along with the start of a window pieces bin. It’s obvious that over the years, some of these parts were very well-used:IMG_20190209_162042


2019 Plans

With 2018 coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to 2019 and what we hope to accomplish this year. Since we changed our name back in 2017, we haven’t had a group logo. That should be changing in 2019. Additionally, we hope to make it to more conventions since that seems to be the best way forward to help grow our community. The Facebook Discussion group seems to be where we’ve settled on having most of our interaction outside of social gatherings and shows, so if you’re interested in the group, feel free to join it! That’s also where we post Work In Progress photos of what we’re building, and especially when we’re not sure how to do what we want to it’s great to have other people for ideas. We intend to do more social gatherings than in the past, ideally never going more than a couple months without some of the group getting together in some fashion. Finally, we of course would love to add more shows and are always looking for opportunities there.

As a little teaser for the logo, here’s the brick-built inspiration for it, likely to be tweaked a little more, but this certainly captures a lot of the “Maritimes” flavour:



Fredericton Model Train Show

This year we had our largest turnout of members contributing to a Train Show layout in a long time at the Fredericton Model Train Show. This resulted in our largest train display since early 2017 with a lovely Winter Village scene on one part of the layout, and a standard city with a train loop and a bit of Superhero trouble for the other part. We even got photos of this one, which sometimes gets forgotten in the excitement of a show! Some of the photos are here, but the full album can be found on our Facebook page.

Animaritime and Future Conventions

We had a fan table and ran a panel talking about the wider LEGO fan community at Animaritime 2018. We had a pretty decent turnout at the panel, and lots of interest at the table just outside the main event room where we had a few sets and smaller MOCs displayed. We definitely will be looking to attend more conventions in 2019 since this seems to be a great way to generate interest in our group! We had a particularly excited Ghostbuster when they saw the Ghostbusters Firehouse and Ecto 1.

Out with 2017, on to 2018

Well, it’s been quite the year for MariLUG. A name change, three major shows, several smaller shows, and sometimes we even took the time during all the excitement to stop and take a few pictures! In the New Year we’re planning to be a little better at that, especially since the largest event we were at we completely forgot to get any pictures! Going forward we’re also hoping to be a little better at posting to both the website and the Facebook page. But for now, here’s a few pictures from this past year, and look forward to lots more in 2018!